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We bring brands and organizations into curated, connected experiences
to build and serve a loyal audience.



Development & Production




Pitching & Packaging
Sizzle Reels

An elevator pitch is great for cocktail hour, but for sealing the deal, we get to know the core of your product and bring it to life long before the project is even green lit. We execute a visualized sneak peak of your whole story. Just enough to leave your viewers asking for more…


Development & Production

Branded Documentary
Video & Photography

We know that what a brand needs most is a compelling story, and only the most compelling stories are marketable. We are the creatives who will write, direct and produce powerful media content. We take your viewers, readers and listeners on a journey they will want to join.



Trans Media

What used to be “new media” is now the standard way the world experiences entertainment. We only produce content with a high “shareability” factor and use multiple platforms to reveal all the compelling pieces of your brand, so your audience can truly lean in for more of your story. Whether distribution the platforms are YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, or all of the above and beyond, we explore what’s most relevant to and effective with your audience.


Creative Production




Creative Production

Art Direction
Environmental Design
Products & Installations

We’ve got style. We stage, orchestrate and build original spaces. Whether it’s ambience, design built from ground zero, or original artwork and products, we can transform any space and time into a creative landscape for filming and live events.



Art Pop-ups
Mobile Tours

Brand experience is why we exist. Your audience wants a part to play in your story. We concept and produce interactive, multi-sensory live events and installations that offer an invitation to journey and participate in a novel experience of your brand. “Out of the box” in an ongoing part of our work.



Website Development

We work with excellent communicators to produce relevant, innovative messaging and digital design. With strong copy, fresh graphic design and engaging website platforms we create language that compels your audience to stay connected with your brand.







Special Events
Hosting & Entertainment Services
Social Experiments

We give “hospitality” a new meaning. Whether it be a social gathering, an opportunity to teach and inform, or a marketing tool to engage in new customers, our events bring your audience on a journey of curiosity. Through elements like guided dialogue, an unforgettable menu and original design (to name a few), we keep your audience surprised and engaged over a lasting conversation that will continue long after the night is over.



Brand Integration
Influencer Programs

Intentionality is our driving force, so when your brand story can’t be experienced in person we make the virtual experience just as powerful. By acquiring relevant partnerships with influencers and sponsors, and/or working with your pre-existing partners, we integrate your brand over multiple social platforms to guide your audience into feeling the very fabric of your brand before it ever reaches their hands.



You build a Tribe one person at a time.

OUR STRONGEST RELATIONSHIPS ARE BUILT ON TRUST. We believe in the Philosophy of Engagement. Where top-down mass marketing is not enough anymore, true engagement marketing speaks to the individual first. So we can make space for the real audience need before us, our every touch point of engagement is conceptualized through the lens of hospitality.

We are masters at creating an individual experience out of a crowd experience, calling viewers and attendees into a significant, active participant role for contributing to the production and co-creation of your marketing programs.

We believe brands build lasting relationships, a Tribe, through un-intrusive, relevant, meaningful and interesting experiences.

why we believe


Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” Our most significant ties to the past are formed by connected, multi-sensory experiences.

your investment

From coloring books and adult playgrounds to retail activations and trade shows in the great outdoors, experiential marketing is speaking to the “tech-less” trend. With the incorporation of brand experiences into lifestyle practices, audiences are making brand choices they can believe in. As recent as 2017, BeCore found at least 75% of companies with experiential program budgets between $50-100 millions say they expect an ROI of more than 5:1.”

True fans are formed within your own teams too. From reverse on boarding, walking workshops and volunteer project tie-ins to care packages and meditation rooms, the Philosophy of Engagement will transform your company culture one employee relationship at a time. Working with company leadership to most effectively communicate company messaging, we elevate operational development programs through un-intrusive, relevant, meaningful and interesting experiences.

THE BOTTOM LINE: the ROI of engagement marketing is lifelong brand loyalty and advocacy. Tribe of Asher executes experiential marketing strategies for brands to form purposeful connection with their audiences and teams.

upon reflection

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Tribe of Asher creatively engineers your vision of connectedness from the ground up and into being.

Through services in branded video production, experiential design and hospitality, we produce engaging experiences that allow your audience to grasp your brand, even before it reaches their hands. Your brand will stay with them forever.

From the very first moment of contact, we welcome your audience to join an ongoing, real-time journey experience. We create anticipation and momentum for your brand through virtual engagement and live multi-sensory events that ripple through social platforms fueling conversation, connection and advocacy.

The formation of Tribe of Asher roots itself in global history. Head over to our Journal page to learn more of our ongoing story.


In ancient times, the Tribe of Asher was one of twelve who lived and moved about Israel. Known for their fertile land and olive trees, the Tribe of Asher supplied all of the land with olive oil in times of famine. 

Their tribe gave meaning to the word “communal” as they shared their resources in a way that would cultivate a nation of people. By literal translation, Asher means “blessing”. Women of this clan were especially known for their spirit-filled beauty.

Our Tribe of Asher is on a journey to breathe life into others. We empower communities around us by way of producing narrative experiences that will engage, inspire and strengthen each other in the context of togetherness.


Dawn LaMattina Asher is an experiential marketing producer for commercial, film and live events and the Founder of Tribe of Asher. Her career began in the film trailer industry, the creative vendor side of studio marketing, for both main stream and independent film and television titles. Training with the true “Mad Men” and women of this industry, she got her start at renown trailer house Ant Farm and went on to write and produce for award-winning trailer houses Aspect Ratio and Toy Box. Some of her most significant work contributions were made to films There Will Be Blood, the Harry Potter series, Waitress, the Star Trek reboot, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Pixar’s WALL-E and Up. By expanding her exposure to the greater film industry, Dawn opened the doors of Tribe of Asher to produce and direct branded commercial and documentary film content. Her film work reached worldwide audiences on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday through the airing of her documentary Come Eat, the true story of Chef Christian Navarro as he reconciles his broken past of addiction with a hopeful future of craft. Dawn has captured the brilliance of forward-thinking brands, such as Darling Magazine, Hudson Jeans and Forks & Vinyl; thought leaders and risk-takers, such as Erwin McManus and Laura J. Williams; and philanthropic organizations, such as Claris Health and Habitat for Humanity.

Dawn has spent over a decade further using compelling story as her canvas to design environments that intentionally connect people on an authentic level, creating life impacting experiences. Her live event production, hosting and styling work for brands has exemplified a true definition of “experiential” in every engaging journey she has designed, from pre-engagement content to an ongoing post-event dialogue. Through this work, Dawn has been a contributor to the growth of lifestyle and culinary brands such as Sargento, Yellow Collective and TeaPop; and culture leading organizations such as Mosaic and Fuller Seminary.

Dawn is a part of the Creators Collective at Stories, a subsidiary of Hakuhodo, the eighth largest ad agency in the world, and Sega, the legendary video game publisher. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California, with a bachelor’s degree from the Annenberg School for Communication. She was born in Long Island, NY and grew up in Atlanta, GA. She now calls Los Angeles home, where she has grown roots with her husband, Jeff and their terribly wonderful toddler, Sicily Jean.

Dawn believes our most significant conversations take place at the table. She is Italian by descent, but didn’t truly enjoy olives until she grew up. She loves a good hike, cozy campfires and takes her chocolate dark.

Communal by nature.



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