In ancient times, the Tribe of Asher was one of twelve who lived and moved about Israel. Known for their fertile land and olive trees, the Tribe of Asher supplied all of the land with olive oil in times of famine. They shared their resources in a way that would cultivate a nation of people. Their tribe gave meaning to the word “communal”, and by literal translation, Asher means “blessing”. Women of this clan were especially known for their spirit-filled beauty.

Our Tribe of Asher is on a journey to breathe life into others. We empower communities around us by way of producing narrative experiences that will engage, inspire and strengthen each other in the context of togetherness.

This journal space serves our digital community. Here we take pause to share a collection of Tribe of Asher stories and happenings, like project highlights, offerings and open invitations to our pop-up gatherings.


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